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New England GreenStartSM

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Join Today: Green your electricity with local wind, solar, and more!

Feel good about your electricity with New England GreenStart.  Make sure that electricity from local, renewable reso-Renewable energy, green energy, green electricity, solar power, wind power, digester gas, greenup National Gridurces like wind, solar, and hydropower go onto the electricity grid on your behalf, pushing off dirty fossil fuels.  Call us today with questions or sign up at 401-861-6111.

How does it work?  People's Power & Light will match your electrical usage with renewable energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines. Every contribution will add clean energy to the energy pool, wich means over time, there's less room for dirtier sources. You will continue to receive service from National Grid*, as well as be charged their standard offer rate for electricity, but your electricity will look much nicer!

The figure above shows the National Grid standard offer shows where electricity usually comes from, compared to where YOUR electricity will come from when participating in New England GreenStart or New England Wind.
*If your electric utility is not National Grid, please click here!

Pricing:  New England GreenStart costs an addtional 2.4 cents/kilowatt-hour (kWh).  The premium costs the average household an additional $14 per month and prevents over 550lbs of carbon dioxide emissions. You can calculate your average premium with our calculator.

Tax-deductible!  100% of your payments for New England GreenStart can be deducted from your federal taxes if you itemize charitable contributions. 

Electricity:  New England GreenStart is part of a program called GreenUp that is being offered by your local utility, National Grid. GreenUp allows you to choose cleaner, healthier electricity right on your regular utility bill and is available to all National Grid residential and small commercial customers.  View a map of our electricity sources.

Questions? Call us or see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Content Disclosure Labels:  Electric power suppliers are required by the Department of Public Utilities to provide customers with a disclosure label. The label enables consumers to look at the energy sources, air emissions and information about the supplier in order to make a more informed choice of a power supplier. Consumers can compare energy labels to make the best choice based on their energy needs.

View the Rhode Island Content Disclosure for New England GreenStart and New England Wind, which shows sources of power, related emissions, and labor information.

Read the Terms of Service for New England GreenStart.