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How it works

What can I do about Climate Change?

You can "green" your electricity usage by making the switch to 100% or 30% local, renewable energy.

What does greening or Making the switch mean?

You match 100% or 30% of your electricity with renewable energy. For every kilowatt-hour you consume, one kilowatt-hour of local, green energy will come onto the grid on your behalf.

People’s Power & Light is a nonprofit working in many ways to make energy more sustainable.

Becoming a member of our green power program allows you to feel good about your electricity with 100% or 30% New England renewable energy.
Make the switch today!

Choose Enroll Pay Your Bill
from one of two green energy mix options.
in just 5 minutes online or via phone. All you need is your electricity account number.
as normal. You pay a few cents extra per kWh for renewable energy.

That’s it! Every month that you pay your electric bill, you increase demand for renewable energy on the New England power grid, reducing our need to burn fossil fuels. The average household pays an extra $15-$20 per month for our programs, and that amount is federally tax-deductible!

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How does enrolling make a difference? To start, we're different from most green energy companies out there. We match your electricity usage with Rhode Island Renewable Energy Standard qualified New Renewable Energy Certificates to ensure that your purchase is truly helping to get more renewable energy on the power grid.

Not sure what that means? We have laid it all out to help you understand why switching to our program will help you switch off fossil fuels. Take a look

100% New England Sourced

Our map of renewable resources

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Let's talk pricing

Our green power program adds a small premium to your electric bill. For most households, it only adds $15-20 per month or 45-74 cents per day. Your total payments toward New England Wind and New England GreenStart are 100% federally tax-deductible.

Your rate per kWh is determined by the green energy option you choose. You can select from two green energy options, which differ in price and content:

biggest impact
New England Wind logo   New England GreenStart logo
Mix 100% wind energy from RI & MA wind turbines (New)   Mix 30% RI & MA wind, solar, new low-impact hydro and anaerobic digester gas (New)

75% old New England low-impact hydropower
Rate 3.8 cents/kWh in addition to your normal electric bill   Rate 2.2 cents/kWh in addition to your normal electric bill
Your total payments toward New England Wind are 100% federally tax-deductible.   Tax
Your total payments toward New England GreenStart are 100% federally tax-deductible.
Example You use 600 kWh this month. You will pay $22.80 (600 x $.038) for New England Wind in addition to the existing charges on your electric bill.   Example You use 600 kWh this month. You will pay $13.20 (600 x $.022) for New England GreenStart in addition to the existing charges on your electric bill.

RI Renewable Energy Standard “New” qualified content:

New England Wind: 100%

New England GreenStart: 30%

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How much will this cost for me?

Since the cost of greening your electricity depends on how many kilowatt-hours you consume, use our green power calculator!

  1. Grab your electric bill to determine your average monthly kWh usage.
  2. Then, simply plug your kWh usage into the calculator to see how much you would pay for green power, and how many pounds of carbon emissions your purchase of renewable energy could prevent.
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What makes us different

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We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit. Our programs are designed to achieve our mission: shifting the grid away from fossil fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2050.

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Building New Renewables

We only buy from New England renewable generators and focus on projects that need your financial support to get built (New). This means your purchase is shifting fossil fuels off of our power grid.

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Tax Deductible

Our nonprofit program has been recognized as creating a benefit for the public good. Therefore, 100% of your renewable premium payments are federally tax deductible.

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Our friends

Partners & Endorsements: What we do wouldn’t be possible without the tremendous support we receive from other environmental organizations in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. From helping us spread the word to co-hosting events, our allies help us achieve our mission at every turn.

SAVETHEBAYRIIPL LogoUrban Greens Food Coop LogoRI Sierra Club LogoCleanWaterAction

Partner with us

Our Members: Our renewable energy program is only as strong as its members. Unyielding environmental activists, concerned parents, and socially aware Rhode Islanders are just some of those who count themselves as part of our mighty membership. We are inspired by them every day.

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“The reason we are so pleased to be members of PP&L is that this gives us a concrete, specific, and easy thing that we can do that both helps to move our economy away from fossil fuels and reduces our own carbon footprint.”

-Jerry Elmer & Anita Kestin
members since 2004

"It’s so easy. If you care about clean energy and developing clean energy, this takes five minutes to sign up for and it’s on your National Grid bill. For the end user, it’s a really easy way to put your money where your mouth is."

-Sue AnderBois
member since 2015

“Becoming members gave us the opportunity to support renewable energy...We give support to this organization that provides a collective voice for individuals & groups who understand the importance of sustainable energy.”

-Joel and Elizabeth Gates
members since 2005

Join them! Enroll now & become a member.

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