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Market commentary

December has been continuing the steady oil market we've seen all year. After having a summer and fall of prices 10-20 cents per gallon lower than last heating season, we're now about even with last year’s price. While some retail oil dealers are charging non-members prices in the $3.25 - $3.50 range, many retail oil dealers have appeared content to keep prices well under $3.00 per gallon, significantly less than the levels we saw for most of the last winter, especially in Massachusetts. Still, we expect that we will see the same pattern we've seen every December over the past 35 years or so when wholesale prices drop and dealers increase their profit margins during the coldest months. That's when savings are greatest for our members:  when they need the greatest amount of gallons delivered.

How do our prices compare?

Massachusetts' latest weekly price survey of full-service dealers, on Tuesday, December 10, posted an average price per gallon of $2.95, with a high price of $4.60 and a low of $2.35. The average prompt-pay price for our members in Massachusetts that day was $2.65, for savings of 30 cents per gallon on average.

Rhode Island's latest weekly survey price, on Monday, December 9 was $2.74. The average prompt-pay price for our members in Rhode Island that day was $2.57, for savings of 17 cents per gallon.

And in New Hampshire, the survey for Tuesday, December 3, was $2.82, while our average prompt-pay price there was $2.51, for a savings of 31 cents per gallon.

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