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Discount Heating Oil Service

Save Money & Get Peace of Mind

  • Save Money with Buying Power - Join 13,000+ Discount Heating Oil members who have joined together and demanded lower home heating oil prices. In Rhode Island, People's Power & Light members save an average of 10-30 cents a gallon on heating oil compared to the state's average RI oil prices (savings of $100-$300/year!).

  • Heating Oil Delivery - Your choice of Automatic or "Will Call" Delivery.

  • Burner Service and Repair - We contract with full-service Rhode Island oil dealers who provide repair and replacement service as well as 24/7 coverage options.

  • Payment Options -  There are three basic payment options: Billing, COD, and Budget. These options are outlined in the welcome letter each customer receives after signing up for our program. The dealer you are assigned will also outline their terms and conditions.

  • Energy Efficiency - People's Power & Light will strive to help you use less heating oil so you can save even more money, and the planet too!

  • Trust - People's Power & Light of Rhode Island is a trusted 501C3 non-profit acting in the marketplace on behalf of consumers and the environment since 2002. We also offer green electricity, energy efficiency services, and an emergency heating oil program.

Membership Dues

You have the option of joining for $20 for 1 year or $45 for 3 years. We offer a discounted membership fee for senior citizens ($10 for 1 year and $30 for 3 years). We also waive the fee for people who receive fuel assistance upon verification of your fuel assistance status. Membership dues are not refundable.

Rhode Islanders--Get your People's Power & Light dealer and start saving now! Call 401-861-6111 or click below to join online!