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Energy efficiency, no-cost energy assessment, save money on heating bills

Energy Efficiency

People's Power & Light's mission is to make energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable in Rhode Island. Energy efficiency is a key component of all of our programs.

Is your home drafty, chilly, costly?

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Why make your home more energy efficient?

  • Lower Energy Bills! Much of the energy we pay for is wasted. Your energy bills can be cut by 10-50% through a few inexpensive energy-efficient measures.
  • Less Pollution! The burning of fossil fuels causes global warming and poor air quality. Furthermore, the extraction and transport of coal and oil result in harmful environmental impacts.
  • Energy Independence! Our dependence on foreign oil leads to geopolitical conflicts.
  • More Comfort! By looking at how the various components of your house work together as a system and taking a whole-house approach to energy efficiency, you can eliminate drafts, make your energy systems more responsive to your needs, and avoid unhealthy moisture problems.

  W Why are your energy bills so high?  

Some of the biggest sources of energy waste in the home are

  • Air leaking in from outside
  • Un-insulated roofs and/or exterior walls
  • Old, inefficient appliances, particularly heating systems, refrigerators and air conditioners
  • Incandescent and halogen lighting
  • Leaving lights, computers, and other appliances on unnecessarily
  • Heat is turned up too high or air conditioning is turned too low

What Can You Do to Save Energy?

We encourage you to take little and big steps, when you're ready to save energy.

We encourage our heating oil members to perform regular system tune-ups to make their heating systems run more smoothly, and if it's time to purchase a new heating system, we recommend choosing a system that is Energy Star rated.

We encourage everyone to install energy efficient lighting and appliances so that they can invest their savings into the purchase of green electricity. Customers can offset the additional cost for New England GreenStartSM by implementing cost-saving energy efficiency measures in their homes.

Read more energy efficiency tips from the United States Department of Energy.

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Join the RI Energy Challenge and Find Your Four!

People’s Power & Light has taken up the Challenge! We’re asking members to join the Rhode Island Energy Challenge and take four simple actions in your home to save money and reduce your energy use. We’re teaming up with SmartPower, National Grid, and OPower to launch this first-of-its-kind Energy Challenge.

Here’s all you need to join: 

  1. Visit www.FindYourFour.comand sign in with your name, email, and town.
  2. Under “Affiliation” make sure you select “People’s Power & Light”.
  3. To participate in the People’s Power & Light On-Line Social Challenge, just click the box that says “Challenge Your Friends”. This will take you to the Challenge site where you can log in with your Facebook account information. 
  4. *If you don’t use Facebook, don’t worry.  As long as you check People’s Power & Light in Step 2, you’re in the Challenge!
  5. Click the tab at the top of the screen titled “Challenges” and select “People’s Power & Light Challenge” and join the team!

Get the whole household to participate and start saving energy now.