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Our mission is to make energy more affordable and environmentally sustainable.

Energy efficiency is a key component of all of our programs.


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Why make your home more energy efficient?

  • Lower Energy Bills! Much of the energy we pay for is wasted. Your energy bills can be cut by 10-50% through a few inexpensive ways to shrink your energy waste.
  • Less Pollution! The burning of fossil fuels causes global warming and poor air quality. Furthermore, the extraction and transport of coal, oil, and natural gas result in harmful environmental impacts.
  • Energy Independence! Our dependence on foreign oil leads to geopolitical conflicts.
  • More Comfort! By looking at how the various components of your house work together as a system and taking a whole-house approach to energy efficiency, you can eliminate drafts, make your energy systems more responsive to your needs, and avoid unhealthy moisture problems.

Why are your energy bills so high?

Some of the biggest sources of energy inefficiency in the home are:

  • Leaky windows and doors (This doesn't mean you need to replace them! Try air sealing first.)
  • Un-insulated roofs and exterior walls
  • Old, inefficient appliances, particularly heating systems, refrigerators, and air conditioners
  • Incandescent and halogen lighting
  • Leaving lights, computers, and other appliances on unnecessarily
  • Heat is turned up too high or air conditioning is turned too low

What can you do to save energy?

Request a no-cost energy assessment.

Energy Wise RI is a no-cost service that Rhode Island residents can access. An energy professional will visit your home and help you figure out the best ways you can save energy & money. Sign up for your no-cost energy assessment right now!  Prefer to talk with someone live? Call Energy Wise RI at 1-888-633-7947. You can also visit this webpage for an overview of all the energy saving programs within Energy Wise RI, and this webpage to search for rebates and services using various search filters.

Read more details about EnergyWise RI on our Resources page.

Thinking about solar?

We encourage those who are considering installing solar electricity or solar hot water systems to make sure they are already using energy efficient lighting and appliances, and low-flow faucets  and showerheads so they can get the most out of their solar energy investment.

Time to upgrade your heating system?

When you start thinking about buying a new heating system, we recommend choosing a system that is Energy Star rated. Also, call Energy Wise RI at 1-888-633-7947 to ask about incentives for upgrading your heating to a high efficiency model. Before getting estimates for a new heating system, make sure you have added as much insulation and sealing up as many drafts as possible. This may allow you to purchase a smaller heating system. Get three estimates if possible, and if you’re considering switching from oil to gas, make sure the estimated include removing the oil tank and any leftover oil, plus the costs of installing any new gas pipes. 

Keep reading about this topic and incentives avalible to you on our blog!

Heat with oil?

Heating oil members: ask your heating system maintenance company to perform annual system tune-ups to make your heating system run more smoothly.  A tune-up could cut your oil usage by 8.5%, as explained in this webinar: 5 Ways to Cut Your Oil Bill.

Download our tune-up guide for oil consumers: Maintain Your Heating System and Save.

Green your electricity!

Consider investing your savings from energy efficient lighting and appliances into the purchase of green electricity. Customers can reduce the additional cost for New England GreenStart or New England Wind by implementing cost-saving energy efficiency measures in their homes.

Reduce, Recycle, & Buy Recycled

Reducing and reusing items as much as possible indirectly decreases energy use. Recycling saves existing resources while simultaneously reducing waste streams and conserving 70-90% of the energy needed to produce products from virgin materials. In general, purchase items using little or no packaging. For those items with packaging, look for those that are biodegradable, made of recycled materials, or harvested in ways that are of minimal impact to the environment.

Plant Trees

Strategically planted trees and shrubs can significantly reduce energy bills and fossil fuel use by providing wind barriers in winter and shade in summer. Trees add beauty and value to almost any property and store carbon, the main ingredient in carbon dioxide. Each tree can absorb 3-15 lbs. of carbon dioxide. Trees also enhance local landscaping in ways that might encourage more pedestrian traffic in city centers and other main roadways. A local arborist or urban forester can be a valuable source of information about strategic tree planting. More information about free trees for Rhode Island residents can be found here.

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