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Drive Green with People’s Power & Light

Save on an electric vehicle with our group discount.

Make a difference one mile at a time.

What is Drive Green with People's Power & Light?

An electric vehicle (EV) discount program to make choosing an EV easier for you.

Anyone is eligible to sign up for a test drive. Once you sign up, you are able to receive a discount to purchase or lease a top EV model at a participating dealer.

We’re a nonprofit organization working to reduce emissions 80% by 2050 and stop climate change. EVs are a big part of the solution! Learn more about EVs.

How does it work?

  1. Choose among the best electric cars on the market and get access to our discounts by filling out our test drive form
  2. Dealers will call you to answer questions and schedule a test drive
  3. Buy or lease your new ride (Time restrictions apply to deals)
  4. Green up your ride with wind power (optional)

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I refuel in my own driveway for pennies per mile. We’re hooked on our EV and aren’t looking back.

Sam M.
Nissan LEAF


In 2015, I bought a Chevrolet Volt. There’s no way I’m going to drive anything but a plug-in.

Larry C.
Chevy Volt


My electric bill increased about $1 a day, but I only have to fill up the gas tank every 6 to 8 weeks.

Judy K.
Chevy Volt

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Check out the discounts

To the best of our ability, the prices on our car comparison page represent the price of the vehicle after federal tax credits and state rebates that you might qualify for and the Drive Green with People’s Power & Light discount. Ultimately, it will be your responsibility to determine all costs, including taxes and fees. The final transaction will be between you and the car dealer. Now it’s up to you to choose which dealers you want to visit.

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Before you buy or lease

Remember: It’s up to you to read up on the cars and their maintenance, visit the dealers, ask them a lot of questions, and test drive. Once you sign up for a test drive you have access to our discounts.

Download our “EV Buyer’s Checklist” to help you through the research process.

The discounts offered will change periodically throughout the program.

Why buy an EV?

If you need a car, we hope you’ll come to realize that it should be a plug-in: either an all-electric (or battery electric) or an extended-range plug-in hybrid. Surveys show that the more people know about EVs, the more they want them. And people who already have EVs report very high customer satisfaction. EVs are cheaper to run per mile, require less maintenance, and pollute less; they’re a win for consumers and the environment. Learn more about the benefits of EVs below:

Climate change

Experts say that widespread adoption of electric cars is necessary to solve the problem of climate change. An all-electric or “battery-electric” car will reduce your carbon footprint by about two-thirds.

Gasoline only

Conventional cars run on gasoline and are dirtier and more expensive to fuel than EVs.


grams of CO2 per mile

Average emissions in MA

Plug-in Hybrid Electric

Plug-in hybrids use both gasoline and electricity and can be recharged from an outlet.


grams of CO2 per mile

Battery Electric

Battery electric vehicles run on electricity and are some of the cleanest and cheapest cars to drive.


grams of CO2 per mile

Source: Union of Concerned Scientists


You can go even greener!

Electric Vehicle

running on New England Wind


grams of CO2 per mile

Read more about emissions

EVs save money

It is cheaper to drive one mile in an electric vehicle than one mile powered by gasoline, even given New England’s electricity rates and current gas prices. (Calculate fuel savings and compare vehicles side by side at the Dept of Energy fuel economy page.)

With federal and dealer incentives, most of the cars in our program cost less than the average new car in America. The average selling price of a new car this year is $35,000. For less money, after accounting for federal tax credits and dealer discounts through our Drive Green with PP&L program, you can get a great electric car that emits 70% less carbon dioxide and costs less to operate than a gasoline-powered car.

Electric motors and batteries require less service and are easier and cheaper to maintain than internal combustion engines.

Read more about the savings

EVs go far

Average Car
<40 miles/day

The average car travels less than 40 miles per day.

Nissan LEAF
107 miles/Charge

The Nissan LEAF travels 107 miles on a full charge.

Chevy Volt
420 miles/charge

The Chevy Volt travels 53 miles on a full charge. Plus, 367 miles on a tank of gas.

Read more about range

Charging up is easy


At home

Drivers of EVs can charge their vehicle at home with a standard 120 volt outlet and the charging unit that comes with most cars. This will give your car about 6 miles of range per hour of charging, which is sufficient for most plug-in hybrids You can purchase a 240 volt charging unit and have it installed by a licensed electrician to get faster charging. The speed at which your car charges will depend upon both the charging unit and the type of battery in your car.  We recommend the 240 volt unit for the LEAF, Volt, and Bolt.


On the go

When away from home, you can access an increasing number of public electric car charging stations which are sometimes free to use. New EVs come with station-finding apps right on the dashboard display. Additionally, there are several websites and cell phone apps to help you find publicly accessible charging stations near you.

Read more about charging

Why these cars?

Though we do not have the ability to include every possible choice, our program has some of the best electric cars suitable for most families.

These cars have the right combination of:

  • Affordability: These cars qualify for federal tax credits of up to $7500. With federal and dealer incentives, most of the cars in our program cost much less than the average new car in America.
  • Availability: We will run this program indefinitely. We know that some new EVs will come onto the market later in 2017 or 2018, but these great options are available now. (Why not Tesla?)
  • Range: Excellent all-electric range for the Bolt & LEAF. The Volt and Ford Fusion plug-ins have good electric range coupled with good gas mileage.
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Are you ready to shop for an EV?

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Acknowledgments Many thanks to Will Toor and Mike Salisbury from the Southwest Energy Efficiency Project, Tim Prior and Annie Freyschlag from the Electrification Coalition and Drive Electric Northern Colorado, and Kevin Emerson and Clayton Johnson of Utah Clean Energy for blazing the path on electric vehicle group buy programs and for sharing their knowledge and experience with us.  Thanks also to Gina Coplon-Newfield of the Sierra Club for her excellent advice.