About us

About us

Green Energy Consumers is a non-profit that enables people to make green energy choices in the most cost-effective, practical and seamless ways possible, and to advocate for energy policies that benefit the greater good.

We believe the transition to a safe climate begins with more cost-effective ways to access green energy and more people united for a low-carbon future.

As a non-profit energy aggregator and advocacy organization, we harness the collective power and interests of people and providers to make green energy options not just the right decision for our planet, but the smart choice for our lives—today, tomorrow, and beyond.

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The Green Energy Consumers way


With nearly 2 decades of experience providing money-saving & environmentally-focused programs, we are positioned as an honest broker between consumers & energy services, committed to consumer empowerment.


We are the only organization that aggregates the buying power of energy consumers to champion their needs, interests, & ideals.


We are a trusted voice for consumers and the environment, with decades of providing policy insight grounded in the lived experience of our members and energy service partners.

Looking for energy solutions? We'll help.

With over 35 years of experience in the energy industry, we keep consumers in-the-loop on sustainable and affordable energy solutions. No strings attached.

Our programs & services

We offer several energy programs for households and businesses.

Drive Green Get a discounted electric car
Green Powered Choose the right kind of green electricity.
Heating Oil Service Get a discount on heating oil with a local dealer
Solar Compare apples-to-apples quotes online from vetted solar installers
Order Oil Online with Smart Touch Energy Order heating oil whenever you need it
Shave the Peak Get alerts to save energy when it matters the most
Advocacy Join our green energy advocacy efforts
Heat Pump group buy 2019 Heat pump program page

An accountable nonprofit

Accountability and transparency are important to us. We display information via the public Giving Common portal. Click below to learn more about our commitments regarding our charitable programs.

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