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We strive for a pro-consumer, pro-environment
energy landscape in Rhode Island.

People's Power & Light advocates for robust investment in energy efficiency and the growth of renewable resources in our state and across the region.

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Our Mission


Energy should be affordable and sustainable.

We support policies that curb the dangerous effects of fossil fuels and that facilitate an equitable transition to a future powered by renewable energy.

We work collaboratively with partners like the New England Clean Energy Council and the Environment Council of Rhode Island to achieve this goal through direct advocacy, program implementation, and education and outreach.

Engagement in the political process at the state level is necessary.

Rhode Island is highly ranked by the American Council for an Energy Efficiency Economy for its energy efficiency policy and program efforts. We are also home to some of the most ambitious climate policies in the country including the System Reliability and Least-Cost Procurement, the Resilient Rhode Island Act, the Renewable Energy Standard and Renewable Energy Growth program. The steps taken here to make energy affordable and sustainable will influence steps taken across the region and throughout the country.

Our members are critically important.

Our growing base of 20,000 members makes us an influential advocate with legislators and decision makers because our members are their constituents.

We work to inform and engage our members and encourage them to take action whenever possible.

If you are a member, thank you!

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Active Action Alerts


Support the National Grid Electric Rate Case Settlement Hearing

Earlier this year, we reflected on Dockets 4770 and 4780: the National Grid electric rate case and the "Power Sector Transformation" proposal. People's Power & Light was eagerly engaged in the efforts to support the Power Sector Transformation vision.

Now we are pleased to report that the participating parties have come to agreement on a fair proposal to change National Grid rates and investments. The agreement recently became public and is heading towards a ruling...

Here are the settlement agreement takeaways: 

  • The proposal is a Multi-Year Rate proposal, meaning it sets rates for three years. There is a slight increase for rates, but it is significantly less than National Grid’s original proposal.

  • There are indeed components to enable and expand a modern grid, electric vehicles, advanced meters, clean technologies such as heat pumps or battery storage, and clean energy sources.

  • PP&L worked tirelessly with our co-intervenors the Sierra Club and NRDC to evaluate the proposed settlement and we are confident that this will benefit Rhode Island ratepayers.

Learn more about the rate case and our take on it.

Add Your Voice!

The final public comment hearing is coming up. We encourage our members to add their voice to encourage the PUC Commissioners to approve the settlement.

  • When: Tuesday, June 19th 5:30 pm
  • Where: Community College of RI (CCRI) Liston Campus Auditorium, 1 Hilton Street, Providence, RI

If you are unable to make the in-person public comment session, written comments may be submitted to the Public Utilities Commission Clerk Luly Massaro at Luly.Massaro@puc.ri.gov.

Here is suggested language that you can use in your verbal or written testimony: 

  • This settlement will set reasonable rates for electric and gas service while investing in new clean energy opportunities that provide benefits to all Rhode Island customers...

  • The amended proposal for Docket 4770 and Docket 4780 appropriately balances the interest of consumers, the energy system, climate goals, and the utility...

  • I encourage the PUC to approve the settlement..


People's Power & Light’s Policy Priorities

Progressive renewable energy and energy efficiency legislation in Rhode Island is essential to mitigate climate change and shift our state’s economy towards domestic, job-creating, clean energy. This is why we work tirelessly to ensure that clean energy and energy efficiency replace fossil fuel generation in a timely and consumer-oriented way, along with other inspiring groups like the Conservation Law Foundation, the New England Clean Energy Council and other members of the Environment Council of Rhode Island.

The following are our policy priorities:

  • RI Global Warming Solutions Act
    • What's Going On: The Resilient Rhode RI Act of 2014 set greenhouse gas emission reduction targets, but they are not enforceable. The proposed Rhode Island Global Warming Solutions Act (GWSA) would make the targets mandates and add interim targets for 2025, 2035, and 2045. The GWSA charges relevant state agencies to follow through on efforts to decarbonize their respective sectors, the Office of Energy Resources, the Department of Transportation and the Building Commission. PP&L supports Senate bill 2747 and House bill 7827.

      Our Energy Programs Manager, Kat Burnham, testifying for the GWSA.

    • Updates & Info:
      • 5/30/18: PP&L testified in support of Senate bill 2747 in the Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee.
      • 3/15/18: PP&L testified in support of House bill 7827 in the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee.
  • VW Funds: Decarbonize Transportation
    • What's Going On: Volkswagen violated the Clean Air Act by selling automobiles that emitted harmful pollution, notable nitrogen oxide, into the air. VW has decided to settle the allegations and Rhode Island will receive about $14 million as settlement payment between 2017-2027 to install electric vehicle infrastructure. The money will be managed by the Department of Environmental Management. The Draft of the Beneficiary Mitigation Plan is available and open for comment. PP&L is working with state agencies and stakeholders to advance programs and policies that make our transportation system cleaner, more efficient, and cost effective. We will post our comments on the VW BMP presently. More info here.
    • Updates & Info:
      • 6/12/18: Read PP&L’s letter to the Dept. of Environmental Management expressing our support of the plan and recommendations, such as providing more details on charging infrastructure investments.
      • 6/11/18: Public comments on the plan are due to Allison.Callahan@dem.ri.gov.
      • 5/17/18: PP&L attended the public information session and provided high level feedback on the Proposed Volkswagen Environmental Beneficiary Mitigation Plan for RI’s $14.3 million allocation. Slides from the session available here.
  • Rate Case and Power Sector Transformation Dockets
    • What's Going On: National Grid filed an application in late 2017 to increase gas and electric rates to provide safe and reliable service. This rate case is particularly interesting because of the proposals to support electric vehicles, integrate more storage, and align investments with state emissions-reduction goals. The Public Utilities Commission divided the case into two proceedings: Docket 4770 for the traditional rate case proposal and Docket 4780 to integrate the mechanisms from the Power Sector Transformation plan, where PP&L is a co-intervenor with the Sierra Club and NRDC. PP&L is participating in both dockets to confirm the results are good for consumers and the environment. How do we upgrade our electric grid to accommodate more renewables while ensuring affordability for all customers? We'll find out.
    • Updates & Info:
      • 6/12/18: Check out PP&L’s latest blog reflecting on the recent settlement of Docket 4770 and 4780. PP&L is pleased with the outcome, find out why here.
      • Public hearing 6/19/18: Final public comment hearing for National Grid’s rate case proposal, which will increase electric and gas rates and engage in the Power Sector Transformation efforts. Rates are expected to go into effect Sept. 1, 2018. Add your voice to this important conversation.
        Hearing details: 5:30 pm Community College of RI (CCRI) Liston Campus Auditorium, 1 Hilton Street, Providence RI
      • Public hearing 6/7/18: Public comment period for National Grid’s rate case proposal, which will increase electric and gas rates and engage in the Power Sector Transformation efforts. Rates are expected to go into effect Sept. 1, 2018. You may submit written comments to the Commission clerk Luly Massaro here: Luly.Massaro@puc.ri.gov
        Hearing details: 1:30 pm Public Utilities Commission 89 Jefferson Blvd Warwick, RI
      • 6/6/18: Stay tuned for PP&L’s position statement on the Docket 4770 and Docket 4780 settlement proceedings.
      • 4/30/18: PP&L will conduct a free webinar to give an overview of the rate case facing Rhode Island. We’ll provide context on who are major stakeholders, how this could be a major opportunity for clean technologies (like EVs/heat pumps), and how it relates to the Power Sector Transformation efforts.
      • 4/25/18: Check out our new web page about the rate case. Use this to spread the word about the case!
      • 2/7/18: PP&L Exec Director penned an op-ed explaining how the rate case can be a major opportunity to support EVs.  Read it here.
      • 1/24/18: PP&L made a motion to intervene in Docket 4770 and a motion to jointly intervene in Docket 4780 with the Sierra Club and NRDC.
  • Appliance Standards Bill
    • What's Going On: Improving the energy standards for various appliances is a reliable and effective manner to cut emissions and energy costs. National standards are unfortunately lagging, so states are stepping up. Similar standards bills in Washington, Vermont, Massachusetts, and elsewhere are in various stages of progress and demonstrate a collective efficiency interest. The legislation serves to mandate improved standards for plumbing equipment, computers, monitors, food services, and other products. The efficiencies will save residents and businesses money on their electricity bills and reduce CO2 pollution. The legislation has been introduced as House bill 7828 and Senate bill 2362.
    • Updates & Info:
      • 4/11/18: The Senate companion bill to improve appliance standards in Rhode Island had a hearing, PP&L testified in support.
      • 3/15/18: The Appliance Standards bill will have a hearing in the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee. Hearing details here. PP&L will be there to testify to in support.
      • 2/7/18: PP&L is co-hosting a legislative briefing today to kick-off the bill introduction at the RI State House Library 3-4:00 with National Grid and ASAP. More info on our recent blog post.
  • Pass the Energize RI Act
    • What's Going On: People’s Power & Light is an active coalition member of Energize RI Coalition working to pass a carbon pricing bill in Rhode Island. The proposed Energize RI act would set a price on carbon dioxide pollution. Companies who sell fossil fuels pay for emissions. In the bill, RI families and employees would receive a rebate from the Energize proceeds to offset additional costs and to invest in sustainable choices.
    • Updates & Info:
      • 3/28/18: PP&L will join our allies to testify in support of the new EnergizeRI bill S-2188 at the Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee. Read our comments here.
      • 1/31/18: The Energize Coalition kicked off a new campaign with updated and improved legislation at a press conference at the State House.
      • 6/30/17: Unfortunately the EnergizeRI bill did not pass this session. However, there was a bill to study carbon pricing in the Executive Climate Change Coordinating Council that did pass the House and Senate and should move to the Governor’s desk soon. PP&L sees this bill as a step in the right direction.
      • 5/17/17: Hearing notice! House Bill 5369 is scheduled for a hearing in the House Committee on Finance. Wednesday May 17th at the Rise (around 4:30 pm) in Room 35 of the State House. PP&L will be there to testify in support.
      • 3/21/17: Meet the team behind EnergizeRI at the annual Office Party. All are welcome to visit, enjoy refreshments, and chat about how to advocate for carbon pricing. Event info here.
      • 3/1/17: The EnergizeRI Act (S-365) had a successful hearing in the Senate Environment and Agriculture Committee. Dozens of supporters provided written and verbal testimony. Many explained how the Act promotes clean energy development, reduces emissions, grows local jobs, and bolsters the economy. Check back here for hearing details on the House side and remember to contact your legislators.
      • 2/2/17: Kick-off the 2017 Campaign and Energize Act bill introduction with PP&L and the Energize RI Coalition. Join us in the State Room of the State House 3-4 pm. More details here.
      • 12/10/16: PP&L participated in the Energize RI Retreat to kick off efforts for the 2017 campaign. The leadership team will have a regional focus and will coordinate putting a price on carbon with neighboring states. The Energize RI coalition outlined key events and communications to engage local Rhode Islanders in this work. Stay tuned here.
      • 8/3/16: ECRI and the EnergizeRI coalition co-hosted a meet & greet with candidates for office at Ogie's Trailer Park in Providence. Attendees were able to educate candidates on the effects of climate change in Rhode Island and the climate action you want to see in the Ocean State.
      • 6/20/16: The bill did not pass this session. This will be a priority for next year!
      • 6/17/16: The bill is currently being held for further study by the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee. Without a matching companion bill in the Senate, the Energize RI Act does not have a strong chance of passing this year. PP&L will continue to work with our partners on the Energize RI Coalition to educate lawmakers and our community on the need for a fair price on carbon.
      • 4/9/15: We asked our members to contact their House reps and support the REG extension.
      • 3/10/16: The Energize RI Act (House bill 7325) hearing takes place and many Rhode Islanders testify in support.
  • Increase Savings Goals and Protect RI Energy Efficiency Plans
    • What's Going On: The Rhode Island Comprehensive Energy Conservation, Efficiency, and Affordability Act established the System Reliability and Least Cost Procurement mandate. This policy requires all gas and electric distribution companies to capture all efficiency resources if they are less expensive than the supply of energy. Proposed savings through efficiency are documented in the Three Year Efficiency Plans (3YP). Our Energy Programs Manager, Kat Burnham sits on the RI Energy Efficiency Collaborative which informs Rhode Island Energy Efficiency Resource Management Council (EERMC). PP&L pushes for higher savings targets that meet the goals of the Resilient Rhode Island Act. Planners are currently gathering stakeholder comments to advise the 2019 Annual Plan.

      PP&L is also actively opposing legislation (House bill 7808 and Senate bill 2499) that would limit the funding and support for Rhode Island’s effective energy efficiency programs.
    • Updates & Info:
      • 5/1/18: The House companion bill, H-7808, has a hearing in the House Corporations Committee. Hearing details here. PP&L testified opposition to this bill.
      • 4/5/18: The efficiency programs are under attack this year. PP&L testified at a Senate hearing in opposition to a bill that caps the funding mechanism. With our colleagues at the Acadia Center, we also presented sign-on letters from several local vendors and community groups opposing any efforts that undermine the programs.
      • 1/9/18: After some final tweaks, the 2018 Energy Efficiency Plan was approved by the PUC.
      • 12/13/17: The 2018 Annual Energy Efficiency Plan will have a public hearing at the Public Utilities Commission. PP&L will be there to speak to the implications of the efficiency funds scoop and budget cap, as well as the importance of the emission reductions and cost savings of the 2018 Plan.
      • 8/3/17: On Thursday, 8/3/17, the legislature finally passed a State Budget for FY 2018. This budget unfortunately included both the $12.5 million scoop of ratepayers’ energy efficiency funds and a cap on energy efficiency investments during 2018. Thank you to our members who contacted legislators about these issues. PP&L will continue to advocate for strong energy efficiency measures in the Rhode Island energy efficiency plans from National Grid.
      • 8/1/17: The State Budget includes a $12.5 million budget raid of Rhode Island’s energy efficiency programs. On Thursday, 8/3 the Senate will return to the State House to vote on the budget.
      • 6/30/17: Because the House Speaker abruptly ended the legislative session without formally approving the state budget, many bills (good and bad) did not make it to the finish line. Without a final budget, energy efficiency funds have not (yet) been raided. PP&L will watch this issue closely as the Senate and House try to reconcile. We will do what we can to guard efficiency funding.
      • 6/27/17: Shortly after the proposed funding scoop, we heard from sources close to the General Assembly that the bad efficiency-capping bill may move. PP&L called to action our members and lobbied legislators to oppose House bill 5640 from further limiting the efficiency programs. More info here.
      • 6/23/17: The amended state budget proposed scooping $12.5 million from the energy efficiency programs. PP&L actively lobbied against this raid. Read the sign-on letter we co-authored with Acadia Center here. More info on the scoop here
      • 4/4/17: Senate bill 632, a companion bill to the H-5640, had a hearing in Senate Committee on Commerce. PP&L and our allies showed up to testify in opposition. Read our testimony here.
      • 3/22/17: House bill 5640 will have a hearing in House Corporations Committee, details here. PP&L will be there to testify in opposition.
      • 3/1/17: A regressive bill capping energy efficiency programs was recently introduced. PP&L will OPPOSE H-5640 because it weakens Rhode Island's energy efficiency programs. The bill does not comply with the spirit of the least-cost procurement statute, which mandates that Rhode Island should invest in energy efficiency if it is cheaper than energy supply. Energy efficiency programs are working: they reduce energy consumption, create jobs, and cut emissions. Now is not the time to dial back on that progress!
      • 1/25/17: PP&L attended the first of many meetings in 2017 with energy efficiency stakeholders and experts. Stay tuned.


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